TooterühmMuud osad
Mark / mudelCelli B190/310
Masina asukohtNieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Nederland
Mascuse ID-number6E11794C
Hind km-taHind kokkuleppel
Muu teaveCelli spading machine (krankshaft spader)
- spade digger
- 300 cm

The Celli Spading Machine is a breakthrough in agricultural cultivation, aerating windrows and ground aeration of biosolids. It works on the principle of a rotating crankshaft connected to steel spades that vertically penetrate the soil one at a time. This action reduces the horsepower drain on the tractor. The operation is similar to a person digging with a spade and/or shovel and is ideal for fracturing sub-soil hard pans as the Spading Machine will not create plow pan and allows earlier preparation on wet and heavy land without plugging. Operates equally well in very hard, dry conditions

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    • +31 ...NÄITA
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    • +31 ...NÄITA
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    • Keeled: Hollandi, Inglise, Prantsuse, Saksa, Vene
    • 2e Tochtweg 127, 2913 LR Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, (Regioon: Zuid-Holland), Holland



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Mascus Eesti lehelt leiate Celli B190/310 muud osad. Selle Celli B190/310 hind on - ja see toodeti aastal 2008. See masin asub Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Nederland Holland. Mascus.ee lehelt leiate veel Celli B190/310 ja palju teisi muud osad mudeleid. Detailid - Inventarinumber: 0870171016