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Mark / mudelJANZEN System Body & Trailer ECCO - Lifestock car
Üldine hinnang (1–5)5
Esirehvidest / šassiist säilinud100 %
Tagumiste rehvide mustrist säilinud100 %
Muu teaveThe Janzen family has been delivering under a similar name animal transporters, timber transporters and special vehicles in European market for over 25 years, also the sizes and weights for Scandinavia and Russia are manufactured many years. After a change in the company structure, the Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia will now be supported by ECCO – SYSTEM Oú.
(ECCO - SYSEM is owned at the JANZEN group, there are no intermediaries cost for you)

Manufactured by : Janzen System GmbH & Co. KG Body & Trailer
Brand name : JANZEN
Type : LIFESTOCK carrier
Several hundred livestock trains, trailers, semitrailers in Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Scandinavia and even in Russia show himself our top quality.
Each of the trains/ trailer is made by single hand work in the new factory in , for this reason we can give prices for these high quality carrier only after consultation with the customer, we hope for your understanding.
We look forward to your requests at any time.
Seda [Other] JANZEN System Body & Trailer ECCO - Lifestock car loomaveohaagised ei ole enam saadaval. See [Other] JANZEN System Body & Trailer ECCO - Lifestock car loomaveohaagised toodeti aastal 2018. Mascus Eesti lehelt leiate veel [Other] JANZEN System Body & Trailer ECCO - Lifestock car loomaveohaagised. Detailid - Üldine hinnang (1–5): 5, Esirehvidest / šassiist säilinud: 100 %, Tagumiste rehvide mustrist säilinud: 100 %, Tootmisriik: Saksamaa