Pellenc OPTIMUM 670

Hind km-ta
153 000 EUR
Mark / mudelPellenc OPTIMUM 670
Töötunde708 h
AsukohtIPSO Mogosoaia
Mascus ID5A2931CF
Vali valuuta
Hind km-ta153 000 EUR
KäibemaksEi sisalda käibemaksu
Hind km-ga-
Mootori võimsus110 kW (150 hj)
Muu teaveEngine: Perkins 4.4L, 4 cil, Tier IVi, intercooler Transmission: Hydrostatic 25k, TPI 2 permanent transmission Tires: 400/70 R24 (f); 400/70 R24 (r) Configuration: Cabin: 310 ° panoramic view, air conditioning and rollover protection structure (standard ROPS 4), adjustable seat with pneumatic suspension and integrated armrest, electrically operated ladder for access in the cab + removable ladder, Easy Drive, multifunctional joystick, touchscreen display 12.4 Easy Touch , Night Vision Camera for entry, Electronic Self-diagnosis with cab alerts, Stop button the emergency next to the steering wheel to shut down the entire car including the engine Harvesting unit: Selective Process 2 L size, 3 hydraulically operated gripping points, "Easy Connect" hydraulic connector, Sensor-driven automatic alignment system, 6 pairs of batters "Easy Smart" shaking system adjustable from the display in the cabin, Centralized shaking system, Sealing system at the base of the grain harvesting unit 2.62 m (40 blades with elastic joints), Maximum harvesting speed 11 km, Conveyor belt (2 x 1500 L) + smoothing snails, Linear desorption system "Selective High Frequency Process with anti-lock sensor (detachable and wash position), 2,50 m² surface roller sorting surface 2.50 m², 3m bay discharge height, control panel for washing position, maximum climb / descent slope 25%, Difference between independent suspensions 53 cm, Hectare meter, Smoke detector sensors, Metal magnets kit, Rotary table dispenser Sorting Technical features: Minimum width between rows 1.5 m, Minimum living height 2 m Dimensions: Length: 5,680 m, Width: 3,35 m, Height: 3,48 m

IPSO Agricultura

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John Deere9715
New Holland4630
Case IH2419

Mascus Eesti lehelt leiate Pellenc OPTIMUM 670 viinamarjakombainid. Selle Pellenc OPTIMUM 670 hind on 153 000 € ja see toodeti aastal 2017. See masin asub IPSO Mogosoaia Rumeenia. lehelt leiate veel Pellenc OPTIMUM 670 ja palju teisi viinamarjakombainid mudeleid. Detailid - Mootori võimsus: 110 kW (150 hj), Töötunde: 708 h