Separator grain fractionation ASM 10

Hind km-ta
2 500 EUR
Hind km-ta
2 500 EUR
[Other] Separator grain fractionation ASM 10 videod
[Other] Separator grain fractionation ASM 10 videod
[Other] Separator grain fractionation ASM 10 videod
[Other] Separator grain fractionation ASM 10 videod
[Other] Separator grain fractionation ASM 10 videod
TooterühmTeravilja puhastamise seadmed
Mark / mudelSeparator grain fractionation ASM 10
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Hind km-ta2 500 EUR
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Üldine hinnang
Viimane ülevaatus2019
Garantii2 years
Transpordikaal360 kg
Transpordimõõtmed (p x l x k)2300 x 700 x 2400
LisadDear Sirs!
We produce machines ASM for cleaning and calibrating wheat, sunflower, corn, soybeans, etc.- graine screeners. The equipment does not use sieves and screens for cleaning, does not damage the grain!There are many improvements on our machines:
- Because of the very high cutting quality, they are very accurate when assembled;
- there is one electric motor - very economical;
- possible high-quality powder coating or stainless steel production;
- productivity of various models from 5 to 50 tons per hour;
- very easy to set up and operate;
- low cost!
Our equipment is used in elevators, farms, grain cleaning services.
I am ready to answer your questions if there is interest!
There are video works of the grain cleaner on different agricultural crops.
We are looking for dealers!
The Kharkovagromash plant successfully sells equipment for grain cleaning to countries: Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Albania, Romania, France, Bulgaria
Muu teaveLLC TPC AgroMash produces aerodynamic grain separators "ASM", with capacity from 5 to 50 t / h. They are intended for cleaning and calibration: wheat, barley, flax, soy, coffee, seeds, corn and other crops.

For machines with a capacity of 15 tons / hour, we offer "ASM with an aspiration chamber *"

Technical characteristics of ASM-10

Productivity at primary cleaning of grain, up to 10 t / h
Capacity for seed calibration, up to 5 t / h
Consumption of electricity is 0.2-1.5 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz
Length 2300 mm
Width 750 mm
Height 2400 mm
Weight 370 kg

Advantages of ASM-10 grain cleaning machine

The purchase of the grain cleaning machine ASM-10 allows you to take advantage of a number of advantages of cleaning technology:

the possibility of processing heaps of any level of contamination and humidity;

cleaning and calibration of any loose materials and crops;

relatively small dimensions (700х2400х2300 mm);

low energy consumption for work (up to 1.5 kW / h);

easy operation (no additional knowledge and skills required);

for 7-8 seasons working without the need to replace individual parts and lubrication.

Warranty 2 years. Quality and durability are guaranteed by CNC machine tools.

* Aspiration chamber is a cleaning system, which uses:

A dust collector with an inertial principle of cleaning the air of impurities;
The air duct is made with sharp differences in its cross section, several turns, which allows to precipitate a considerable amount of dust.
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Mascus Eesti lehelt leiate [Other] Separator grain fractionation ASM 10 teravilja puhastamise seadmed. Selle [Other] Separator grain fractionation ASM 10 hind on 2 500 € ja see toodeti aastal 2019. See masin asub Kharkiv Ukraina. lehelt leiate veel [Other] Separator grain fractionation ASM 10 ja palju teisi teravilja puhastamise seadmed mudeleid. Detailid - Üldine hinnang: 5, Viimane ülevaatus: 2019, Garantii: 2 years, Toodetud: Ukraina, Transpordikaal: 360 kg, Transpordimõõtmed (p x l x k): 2300 x 700 x 2400 mm