Pomot T522 / 22 000L TRIDEM with 2 steering axles müügis - Poola

Hind km-ta
42 500 EUR
Hind km-ta
42 500 EUR
Mark / mudelPomot T522 / 22 000L TRIDEM with 2 steering axles
Asukoht59-900 Zgorzelec
Mascus IDC52149F5
Vali valuuta
Hind km-ta42 500 EUR
Käibemaks (23%)9 775 EUR
Hind km-ga52 275 EUR
Muu teaveCE Certificate
EU warranty

Price for 20 000 L - STANDARD VERSION.

The slurry tank brand POMOT

- Type T522
- Capacity 22 000 liters
- TRIDEM type - 3 AXLES (2 steering axles in price)
- tires 600-55x22,5

1. Tank
➢ hot-galvanized tank on both sides
➢ passivation of the tank protecting the fresh galvanizing against slurry
➢ rear hatch ø700mm - hatch cover on hinge
➢ tubular fill indicator with sight glass
➢ drain connection with 1 ½ valve - at the lowest point of the tank
➢ sight glass 4 on the rear bottom
➢ upper hatch ø350mm
➢ 4 "safety valve
➢ 8 "spigot at the top of the tank, blinded - prepared for the assembly of a rubber filling hopper
2. The construction of the car: frame
➢ FRAME - tank mounted on a frame made of a closed section
➢ replaceable hook - screwed ø50m
➢ mechanically adjustable support foot
3. Tridem or Tridem hydraulic wheel set
➢ tires according to the table
➢ fenders
➢ two-wire pneumatic braking system with 4-speed braking control
➢ parking brake
4. Compressor - type according to the table
➢ drive 540 rpm or 1000 rpm - on request
➢ reinforced hoses resistant to the temperature connecting the fittings
➢ protection against overflow by means of a double-headed valve with a sight glass at the top of the tank and a siphon with a sight glass
➢ manowakuometr
➢ two safety valves: overpressure to 0.05 MPa and underpressure to -0.05 MPa
➢ oil separator - wet air filter, muffler silencing the compressor's work
5. Suction nozzles 6 by ø150mm
➢ main drain connection in the cover of the rear hatch 6 - with a hydraulic slide 6
➢ on the front left and right side - blinded, prepared for the assembly of the manual shutter
➢ at the back, stub pipe-blind, prepared for the installation of a manual shutter
6. 12V and lighting electrical installation
7. Hose 6 (ø150)
➢ transport handles for the suction hose
➢ a hose with a suction basket - protecting against large elements being sucked in
➢ length of suction hose-6mb.
8. Spill device
➢ filling spoon profiled pattern POMOT 94, pouring width up to 14m

The slurry tank can be equipped with many accessories

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Mascus Eesti lehelt leiate Pomot T522 / 22 000L TRIDEM with 2 steering axles lägapaagid. Selle Pomot T522 / 22 000L TRIDEM with 2 steering axles hind on 42 500 € ja see toodeti aastal 2020. See masin asub 59-900 Zgorzelec Poola. Mascus.ee lehelt leiate veel Pomot T522 / 22 000L TRIDEM with 2 steering axles ja palju teisi lägapaagid mudeleid. Detailid - Toodetud: Poola