Shantui SE210-9

Hind km-ta
82 988 EUR
TooterühmVäikeekskavaatorid 7–12 t
Mark / mudelShantui SE210-9
Masina asukohtJining,Shandong
Mascuse ID-numberE6FF92F1
Vali valuuta
Hind km-ta82 988 EUR
KäibemaksEi sisalda käibemaksu
Hind km-ga-
Kogumass20 800 kg
MootorCummins QSB7
Mootori võimsus124 kW (169 hj)
KeskkonnaklassTase IIIA
Kopa mahtuvus0,90 m3
Roomiku laius450 mm
Transpordimõõtmed (pikkus x laius x kõrgus)9625*2260*2680
Varre pikkus1 267 mm
TarnetingimusedFCA, CPT, FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW
Muu teave* The China-III compliant power system, the percentage accelerator control, and the fully electronically controlled positive flow hydraulic system feature reduced energy loss, high effciency
and energy-saving, and good motion coordination. The paralleling radiator is adopted to effectively prevent the overheating. The exhaust system is optimized based on the Fluent simulation
to reduce the exhaust noise and improve the engine power utilization effciency. The transmission route is optimized based on the MATLAB vibration system simulation principle so that the
noise level of the machine is superior to CE standard requirement. The three-stage integrate fuel flter and the electric fuel pump guarantee the good fuel adaptability and effectively protect the
* Product reliability: The high quality core parts and the design optimized working device feature stable and reliable quality.
* Operations and maintenances: The intelligent electronic control system and the built-in GPS and GPRS modules realize the remote monitoring and two-way data transmission and real-time
acquire the working status of the machine. The large color display can real-time monitor the working status of machine mode and incorporates the malfunction self-diagnosis and record
function. The multi-stage power control is adopted for the manual and electronic accelerators so that the user can select different working modes depending on own needs. The GPS all-in-one
device, the intelligent information terminal of excavator, eases the management of the excavator. The diversifed optional attachments, including breaking hammer, ripper, and quick change
device, can be equipped to realize the digging, landfll, breaking, and leveling operations, featuring multi-function capability. The remote installation locations for the maintenance parts ease the
maintenance operations.
* Comfort: Within the spacious cab, the arrangement and color matching of the upholstery are designed as per the ergonomic principle. The full-automatic A/C system, automatic air vent
adjustment and distribution, and height and position adjustable seats feature excellent adaptability. The cab is equipped with composite shock absorbers to effectively mitigate the vibration of
the cab.
* Appearance: The all-new modeling is designed as per bionic principle and is covered with fully molded and electrophoresis treated coverings

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John Deere2318

Mascus Eesti lehelt leiate Shantui SE210-9 väikeekskavaatorid 7–12 t. Selle Shantui SE210-9 hind on 82 988 € ja see toodeti aastal 2018. See masin asub Jining,Shandong Hiina. lehelt leiate veel Shantui SE210-9 ja palju teisi väikeekskavaatorid 7–12 t mudeleid. Detailid - Kogumass: 20 800 kg, Mootor: Cummins QSB7, Mootori võimsus: 124 kW (169 hj), Keskkonnaklass: Tase IIIA, Kopa mahtuvus: 0,90 m3, Roomiku laius: 450 mm, Transpordimõõtmed (pikkus x laius x kõrgus): 9625*2260*2680 mm, Originaalvärvus: yellow, Varre pikkus: 1 267 mm, Tootmisriik: Hiina, Tarnetingimused: FCA, CPT, FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW